How to choose good wall switch and socket

Created on:2018-01-16 11:49

First,to observe wall switch and socket's appearance:

High-quality switch and socket panel should adopt advanced plastic products, look uniform texture, smooth surface texture. Panel material is advanced PC material, and it's flame retardancy, switch socket insulation and impact resistance is very good, and the material is stable, not easy to change color.


Second, to observe the internal structure of switch and socket:

Switch should adopt pure silver contact and usually made of conductive silver copper composite material, which can prevent arc oxidation. High-quality panel of conductive bridge is silver nickel copper composite material with good electrical conductivity,nickel and silver alloy arc control capability is very strong, switch should adopt line pressing with brass screws, wall switch and socket's interface is big and good, pressure ability is also strong,wall switch and socket should usually use stable and reliable connection.


Third, to choose wall switch and socket with safety door:

To check wall switch or socket's clip fastening degree, smooth insertion force is a key factor. Squeeze the plug forcefully at the same time to make sure it's not easy to fall off, effectively reduce man-made accident. Besides considering the security of switch and socket, the appearance design is also concerned by more and more consumers,the color had better close to the wall color.

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